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Our Mission:

Unique life coaching for diabetics & their diabetic alert service dogs (or disabled persons & their medical alert service dogs) as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended and their medical alert service dogs.  Training Sugar Dog teams to manage stress related “dis-ease.”  

Experience peace, love & enjoy a service dog in your sweet life!

To begin the application process, please click on the tab “Application Forms” on this website.  

We offer training to diabetics, epileptics, PTSD and other stressors, mobility and other disabled persons as defined by the ADA who are interested in utilizing Poodles as diabetic alert service dogs, epileptic alert service dogs, PTSD alert service dogs, psychological alert service dogs, mobility assistance service dogs, and medical alert service dogs including anxiety, depression, hypertension, cardiac challenges.

Please be advised that effective 5-19-2020, Sugar Dogs International will no longer accept as clients those persons challenged with mental illness of any type (whether diagnosed or undiagnosed with obvious aggressive, mean or evil behavior), autistic disorders, ADD, ADHD, ASD, chronic GAD, etc.  This declination includes children, teens and adults who cannot control their anger, mood, temper, behavior or actions.

While other breeds may alert, due to prevalent allergies, Sugar Dogs International prefers to work with Poodles.  Plus Poodles are smart and capable of using independent judgment!  Isn’t that what you want? A service dog that is smart?  Of course it is!  So what are you waiting for?  Get a Poodle.  They spontaneously alert for diabetes, cancer, heart challenges and other medical challenges.  The touch therapy of petting an animal lowers blood pressure and creates calmness.  Yes, these are scientific facts.

We guarantee that you do NOT want a service dog that is standing around waiting on a treat.  Where’s the emergency service in that behavior?  Therefore, you do not want a “food driven” breed of dog.  You want a Poodle.  Don’t want a frou-frou dog?  Then don’t get a frou-frou style of haircut for your Poodle.  Don’t want a pom pom tail?  Don’t get one, it’s that easy.  We recommend a kennel clip.  It’s the easiest to care for at home.  NOTE:  Poodles have hair like humans, not fur like most other dogs.  Just like people, Poodles need regular haircuts and regular grooming, at least every eight (8) weeks.

A diabetic alert service dog is not a replacement for blood glucose (BG) testing. In fact, lots of blood glucose testing is required to train a Poodle to be a diabetic alert service dog.  That is unless your Sugar Dog alerts spontaneously.  Canines do alert spontaneously (without training) for many medical challenges, BUT if you don’t test, how will you know that your dog is alerting?  If you have a Poodle, it may be alerting now.  (Read Irene & Cappy’s Sugar Dog Story on this website).

Our promise is:  If the Poodle loves you, it will alert.  There is a caveat, YOU must love the Poodle too!  Our training program is love-based.

We offer a love based training method, i.e., we do not allow hitting the service dog as this is a legally punishable criminal offense. We also do not allow dog training with an obedience trainer who recommends jerking the service dog’s neck with a leash as this can fracture vertebrae and cause paralysis or cause herniated cervical discs. We also do not allow hitting the child/student/person under any circumstances, as this is a legally punishable criminal offense.

You scent train Your Poodle in Your Own Home.  We also share tips for managing stress including meditation with your very own Sugar Dog and review of your current routine.  Our diabetics share their individual stories.  We share what has worked for us and what hasn’t.  We train YOU to train Your Diabetic Alert Service Dog as alowed by the ADA.

We are a not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of the state of Florida, so that all donations to Sugar Dogs International, Inc. are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  We are registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and have been honored by the State of Florida as providing an excellent service to members of our global community.

Our Board of Directors and elite members include people with diabetes, epilepsy, mobility challenges, PTSD, psychological challenges including clinical depression, pediatric schizophrenia, their family members, and benefactors who support our mission with generous donations.  One does not need to be a member to support our mission or to support a specific Sugar Dog team.   Arrangements for training a Sugar Dog service team are determined on an individual basis.  These costs are tax deductible as medical expenses for the medically challenged individual according to IRS Publication 502.

If your endocrinologist or primary care physician is reluctant to prescribe a service dog for you, consider Dr. Justin Davis.  He is a highly recommended holistic physician who is available for in person appointments or via video conference.  See the tab on this website for Dr. Justin Davis and a link to his website.

We are a professional team that includes an adult Type I diabetic,  an adult Type II diabetic, diabetics’ family members, a Master Educator (M.Ed.), a Social Worker (LSW), Registered Nurses (R.N. and ARNP), a Chopra Center University Certified Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Yoga, and Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, an Artistic Administrative staff, and Oodles of Poodles!

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not sell dogs, give away, donate free dogs or rescue dogs.  The diabetic or medically challenged individual has a choice of rescuing a Poodle (donations payable to the rescue organization) or purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder (cost to be negotiated directly between you and the breeder).  Occasionally, we do rehome a service dog that has lost its human.

We prefer to only work with Poodles of pure blood as they are the most intelligent of canines, are generally hypoallergenic and make wonderful companions.  Yes, we love German Shepherds, Labrador and Golden Retrievers, Terriers, Spaniels, Border Collies, and mixed breeds, BUT they all shed AND many are food driven, trigger allergies and no breed alerts as reliably as Poodles.

We do LOVE to work with standard Poodles should you prefer a big dog, and yet for most families, larger toy or miniature Poodles are perfect.  We do not recommend tiny teacup Poodles for this work as they are fragile and very easily injured.  See the Poodle Club of America or Versatility In Poodles (VIP) for more information on Poodles generally.  www.PoodleClubOfAmerica.org  or VIP  http://www.vipoodle.org

While we will support your work with whatever canine breed you like, we make no guarantees about the alerting propensities of other breeds.  Poodles alert for diabetes, cancer and cardiac issues spontaneously.  (Read Irene & Cappy’s Sugar Dog Story).  Why take any chances?

Our Poodles are not “yappy,” they are diabetic/medical alert service dogs.  A yappy dog has only its human to blame.  Sometimes Sugar Dogs bark as part of their alert, especially if the human has a hearing deficit; however, Poodles are the most well behaved, civilized of dogs.

Give Poodles a chance!  They spontaneously alert for diabetics they love.  Reason #A1c. 100% of the teams who follow our training method exactly have improved A1c lab results!!!  We accept ages 5 years and up, with juvenile diabetic Sugar Dog teams requiring lots of love and patient assistance from their families.

*Additional expenses in connection with training a Poodle as a diabetic/medical alert service dog include high quality, high protein canine food, obedience training, service vest or harness (no collars on small dogs please), or collar cover “cape” on larger dogs, diabetic alert service dog patch for the vest, leash, veterinary expenses, local licensing fees (waived in some US states for service dogs), crate, socialization, grooming every 4 to 8 weeks depending upon thickness of hair (Poodles do not have fur) and at least weekly baths, etc.  These expenses are tax deductible as medical expenses for the individual according to IRS Publication 502.  A recent IRS form indicates service dogs may be allowed a per diem of $100.  Upon proper documentation, all costs associated with owning and training a Sugar Dog may be reimbursable expenses under many health plans.  (We no longer file insurance claims for you or on your behalf.  with your physician’s prescription you may file a claim with your own health insurance.)

Please read all our PAGES to get your questions answered about Sugar Dogs.  Our training method is VIRTUAL and available via Zoom, e-mail and our website is the place to begin.  A personal training visit to your area can be arranged.  We travel frequently.  Please email for our lodging, dietary and transportation requirements.

To begin the application process, please click on the tab “Application Forms” on this website.  

As an independent non-profit, we cannot raise capital like a regular business venture.  Our successful launch of Sugar Dogs International, Inc. was only possible with the financial backing of supporters like you.  

Your donation funds important projects that will benefit Sugar Dog teams for years to come.  When you support Sugar Dogs International, you’re investing in a staff of professionals who are deeply committed to our mission.  You’re investing in an entrepreneurially oriented non-profit with a proven track record of successful initiatives.  You’re investing in the future of Sugar Dog teams worldwide!  100% of the teams who follow our training method exactly have improved A1c lab results!!!  We have the lab results to prove it.

Of course, you may note which Sugar Dog team benefits from your assistance.

Your donation, big or small, makes ALL the difference.  To support our work, please click on the DONATE button below. 


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Disclosure:  We recommend that you seek medical care from a board certified endocrinologist or your physician of choice, tax advice from a certified public accountant or a board certified tax lawyer, and legal advice from a board certified attorney as nothing contained on this website is offered as medical advice, tax advice or legal advice.

Sugar Dogs International, Inc. is an all volunteer Not for Profit Florida corporation. Our federal tax ID number is available upon request. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling 1-800-435-7352 within the State of Florida. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State. CH44762

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Retired legal scholar, Type 1 diabetic since age 9 years, instructs others to train their own dogs in their own homes via easy emailed lessons.
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