Sugar Dogs B&B Closed w/ offers pet sitting in your home or the sitter’s home in 10,000+ cities in the USA.  Please see: for more details.

We have been advised that our coupon code:  SugarDog2120 for $20 off the first sit with may not be working.  You’re welcome to try the code to see if it works.  If so, the code may be used for any Rover sitter in 10,000+ cities in the USA.

Thank you!

Paula, a former Premiere Rover sitter

Sugar Dogs B&B

Paula, Peaches and Sugar Boy

Paula, Peaches and Sugar Boy

A portion of the proceeds from our Rover work supported Sugar Dogs International.

Paula withdrew her services from after Sugar Boy was aggressively attacked at her feet by a guest dog.  She still recommends the site and believes that the coupon code may be honored if the first visit to Rover is via her former address,  It will say inactive but from there you can search any of 10,000+ cities and possibly still use the coupon code with another sitter.