Sugar Dog Stories – Táo

Chapter 5 – Thor’s Sugar Dog Táo

The gist of it is, my son’s Sugar Dog Táo is a real working dog!  The first time she alerted she had only witnessed 6 meter tests and was only 12 weeks old!

She’s done it 4 times & she’s only been in our home for 3 days!  We need our next goal to work towards.  How do we fine tune this?  (Obedience training ASAP!  2 complete levels of it!)

What a beautiful puppy!  A real champion bloodline too!

It is absolutely clear that Táo does NOT want Thor in the low 80’s.  She’s alerting!!!  Even Edward saw it and KNEW she was alerting.  It was amazing!  She jumped off the ground with all 4 feet just like the first time and gave a little high pitched half bark.  Then she looked at him sternly and stamped her foot and bowed her head. We all looked at each other and just KNEW.  So we grabbed the tester and sure enough he was “low” (to her).  BG 89.  She stayed right there with us and paced between us as I tested my 10 year old.  She even looked at the tester til it beeped & looked up at him like “You agree, right? And you’re going to take care of it, right?”

Then we stared at each other because it wasn’t a true low & I told Thor she DID do it.  She is alerting.  She knows you’re going down.  Give her the peanut butter treat, she worked hard for it.  And he did.  She was shocked at the flavor but pranced off with it.

15 minutes and no carbs later, Táo alerted a second time.  Thor’s BG was 84.  Yep, he was dropping!  This time, Thor’s mom treated him with 15 carbs (grapes).  Táo got the 2nd treat and trotted with it to her bed, knowing that all was well.

You go Táo, you’re a super star!!

Paula:  She is just, I don’t know, she’s gifted and we have to thank you for making this possible.  Jin (of Kandyland Poodles) told me on the phone yesterday she really knows this dog was meant for Thor and this whole transaction was meant to be.  Tao was born to be a Sugar Dog and you knew it and lead us to her.  I tell everyone what you said too, I’ll never forget!  “Well, there is this one dog I’d give my canine teeth for.  If you could get THAT dog oh my…”

CH. Dylor Noble Justice

Thor’s Sugar Dog Táo descends from Dylor Noble Justice.

Champion Dylor Noble Justice was the son of Ch. Pampers’s Tropical Sun TP and Ch. Beaus N’Belles Hot Sopapilla TP, now the dam of at least 4 champions. Noble finished out 2003 and 2004 ranked the #1 red toy poodle and the #6 show dog of ALL breeds. He received a personal invitation to the prestigious Westminster show but was unable to attend. He also received a personal invitation to the Eukanuba Tournament of Champions.

“Noble” was proudly bred and owned by Judy Barkai and Lorraine Ross of Dylor Toy Poodles. He has also produced 2 champions to date and is at stud sparingly with his handler E.J. Bentz.

“Noble” is our Sugar Dog Peaches’ sire.  Bitsy looks a lot like Peaches in the face.

We appreciate the excellent breeding and care taken by breeders who are concerned with the AKC breeding requirements.  Sugar Dogs International does NOT support backyard breeders, puppy mills, pet store puppies or those who are only concerned with the money a poodle puppy will bring into their pocketbooks.  Poodles are more like family than any other dog.

Looking for a Sugar Dog?  Search for the offspring of an AKC champion!  The Poodle will have the brain power to be a Sugar Dog.

Look how adorable she is!  Groomed yesterday!  Beautiful dancing Táo!

Táo in her new red sweater.  Her family says she likes it!

Gotta love a beautiful Sugar Dog, sporting a new red vest!

Reading time with a chewy.  Thor’s little tic, tac, Táo.

Thank you THOR and your Sugar Dog Táo for all your support!  Keep up the good work!  Get that new little Sugar Puppy all of her shots, get her into Obedience and follow our Training Method as prescribed for Thor.  Keep recording the BG levels for the doctor.  Pediatric endocrinologists refer us patients.  Y’all are a great Sugar Dog team.

Táo at home playing Scrabble with some of Thor’s friends in her front pack carrier.  SHE LOVES IT!  You can see how comfy Thor is too!

Even with restaurant food a foot away, Táo waits patiently.  Táo alerted Thor 15 minutes ago here at Carl’s Jr.  We’re doing great!  We have a wonderful Sugar Dog:  Táo.

Thor and his family took a 4,000 road trip with Táo during the summer of 2012.  Yes it can be done families!  Sugar Dog team Thor and Táo go everywhere with Gentleman Ed and his Lady Alexis!

Love you!  Sugar Dog kisses to you!  Thanks for sharing your terrific progress.


Thor and Táo are still doing very well.  Here they are playing around in their Vintage Van.  We call this one:  Back to School!  Fall 2013

Táo and Thor  Back to School - Fall 2013

Táo and Thor
Back to School – Fall 2013

Of course, they practice every day and they play every day.  Thor continues to test his BG and Táo continues to alert.  What a great Sugar Dog team!  Fully supported by loving mom, dad, extended families and friends.

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