A1c Sugar Dog Events

       Lady walking her standard Sugar Dog!

Our best activity every day is walking our dogs.  Get up and go!  Pat did and she literally walked off her diabetes medication.  So did Jani who is now living a very healthy life in CA!  Irene, Cappy and Max walk a lot and Irene’s reduced her insulin to just a few units! Great work!  Please test your BG before exercising and follow your doctor’s orders about when NOT to exercise.  (Generally, we are advised not to exercise if the BG is above 250 or below 80; however, every person is different.  Ask your doctor for your numbers.)


Walking a Pink Poodle Sugar Dog to STOP DIABETES

In the global community of Sugar Dogs International, it is impossible for us to list every Pet activity.  Occasionally, we list items of interest in our local area.  Your community may offer Pet events too.  As Dr. Deepak Chopra says, “Google it.”

We encourage you to get out and take your Sugar Dog!  Our local FL community relies on THE NEW BARKER, our official dog magazine, to get the word out on socialization events for dogs and their people. Please share your photos and events with them!  SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

The New Barker – Florida’s TOP DOG Magazine


Your Poodle can be Any Color! Get up and GO WALK YOUR DOG!

Please keep your Sugar Dog’s health and vet visits current.  Also, know that while you are out and about you are empowered to limit others “petting” your service dog.  If they ask to pet, it is OK to say “No, Sugar Dog’s Name is a service dog and s/he’s working.” Generally, people ‘get it’ that it’s distracting to the dog.  This is a nice time to have a Sugar Dogs International brochure or two in your pocket.

And yes, sometimes, your Sugar Dog will alert to someone else while you are out and about.  If you decide to share the alert with the other person, please be mindful of their privacy as to medical matters.  If it happens and others are receptive, please give them a Sugar Dogs International brochure!

Also available:  personal training visit to your area is easily arranged.  Please email us to plan for our lodging, dietary and transportation requirements.




Vivian telling POPCORN

Vivian telling POPCORN “Thank you for your good, hard work.”

Vivian & her Sugar Dog Popcorn

Vivian & her Sugar Dog Popcorn
“Have you thanked your Service Dog today?!”

Please see the Archives Page to see where we’ve been.  We no longer post where we are going as this invites robbers and thieves to our property.  For a private conversation, email Paula at MySugarDogs@gmail.com and arrange a visit or find out where we will be in your future.


You are welcome to contact Paula by email and with any questions or concerns.

Email:  MySugarDogs@gmail.com & please use the subject line:  Sugar Dogs

Please see FloridaPoodleRescue.org’s website for the annual Poodle Picnic in Lutz, FL.  the cost is $12.50 per person (over age 12 years) and please bring a dish to share.

Additionally, see also the Facebook page of Florida Poodle Rescue for its Poodle auction fundraiser on Nov. 3-6, 2022.  This event is an online auction managed by artist Evi Green and is truly amazing.  Enjoy and help a non-profit at the same time.


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