Where do I get a Sugar Dog candidate?

As you know, Sugar Dogs International, Inc. does NOT provide you with a dog.  We suggest that you apply with Florida Poodle Rescue online and rescue a dog, even if it’s not a Poodle.  Many breeds of dogs as well as mixed breeds may spontaneously alert.  There are many reliable rescue groups; use the ‘net to search.  We support rescue over purchasing a dog and offer these cautions:

BE CAREFUL buying a dog off of the ‘net as some of these dogs may be stolen.

Always take your dog to the vet immediately after taking possession of it whether you rescue it or buy it.  Schedule the vet appointment before you pick up the dog so that on your way home, you can take the dog to the vet.  Always ask that the dog be scanned for a micro-chip before being vaccinated.  You don’t want to vaccinate someone else’s dog.

If you want a puppy, this is a quick list of breeders with available or expected Poodle puppies:

Chez Pooch – 239-481-6117 – Breeder of Merit – Breeder of Rocky and Robert Lee – Claire owns this dog grooming salon in Fort Myers, FL.

Kandyland Poodles – KandyLandPoodles@comcast.net – Breeder of Tao

Darla S – 352-293-4549 – Breeder of Samson and Theo

LeMar Kennels – 239-543-3837 – LeMarKennels@yahoo.com – Breeder of Stormy

Shirley E – 813-752-9598 – Breeder of Peaches and Mocha – Shirley also does grooming.

Of course there are many other great Poodle breeders in our area and the Tampa Bay Poodle Club is a the best place to start if you are looking for a puppy or if you are interested in confirmation or “showing” your dog in AKC events.  Many of our juvenile diabetics take dog obedience a step above and show their dogs.  Agility is also a nice option for dogs and kids or adults.  As with any physical activity, test, test, test because the person and the dog may become distracted by the activity.

Our training program begins with Lesson One, crate training and potty training your dog.  It is all much easier if YOU learn the material before expecting your puppy to know it.  Please plan to register with Sugar Dogs International and learn the training method BEFORE getting your Sugar Dog candidate.  It’s easier on you and the dog.

5 Responses to Where do I get a Sugar Dog candidate?

  1. Jennifer Wilkin says:

    Hello Sugar dogs! I am a poodle person and a T1D. I may be adopting a 4 year old female poodle that is being retired by a breeder. Her owner just raves about her! Is 4 a good age to train a poodle to be a diabetic alert dog? I also have a 1 year old Bichon. Thoughts?! I am at the point where it’s time for me to take some serious steps to have this type of service dog for my health! Thanks, Jen Wilkin

  2. Donna Morin says:

    Hello, my name is Donna, I am a type 1 diabetic since 4 yrs old. I was introduced to your website by a friend Vivianne < her sugar dog's name is Popcorn. I had an application done with a year of hemoglbin A1 c of a year. During my move last March, it was packed up and have not found it since. I already have a female Weinmaraner that is 20 months old. I started trying to train her since she was a puppy. She has had her training through advanced training. I have previous lab work and letter from my endocrinologist . This morning along with dexcom and my phone on and near me. My 2 daughters kept trying to call me to wake me about my low sugar. I did not hear either. My one daughter turned around from going somewhere, which was 40 minutes away and came in to wake me. My sugar was in 50's since 7 am. It was now 1030 am. I am now concerned about getting traing for my dog. I live in a 55 and over subdivision I can only have 2 dogs and i have 3. I put Brynne as a service dog in traing, so I was allowed to bring her in. I am on disability and my husband leaves for work by 6 am and then i am alone with my dogs. I do not have extra money, but can give a very small donation a month. I have alot of medical expenses, that medicare only pays 80 percent . I had a quadruple bypass 2 years ago, so still have those expenses. I, m hoping that you could train me to train my Brynne. Thank you

    • Unfortunately, we cannot help you with your forms packed in a box! Please print our new application form, submit the required information, see the checklist. And mail it to the address on the application form. We too have moved and your old form in the box probably has the wrong address on it. And yes, we will try to help but without your application form, the doctor’s form, the doctor’s prescription, the doctor’s letter and your check as a donation toward our work, we obviously cannot help you. It is a formal application process because we do not take everyone. Please read the instructions on the website carefully and apply. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to help people who refuse to donate as we are a non-profit. Your donations pay our bills. We will accept monthly donations, providing you with the training information when the donations have been paid. Best wishes, Paula

  3. Donna Morin says:

    Hello, My name is Donna and I got your website by a friend that went through traing with her dog Popcorn and her name is Vivianne. I would like to reach out to you especially after this morning episode.

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