New Sugar Dog Teams

Please welcome a few of our new Sugar Dog teams!

There are Sugar Dog teams from coast to coast in the USA and many more around the world.  Truly, we have clients from California to the New York Islands!  There are Sugar Dogs in Canada, Cayman Islands, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, India, China, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, US Virgin Islands, Australia and New Zealand.

If your Sugar Dog isn’t featured, please e-mail Paula an updated JPG photo and we’ll add it as soon as possible.  We’re always gathering photos of Sugar Dogs for their own Chapters.

Is your Sugar Dog on Facebook? Mozart Walker is, check him out and ask to be Friends.  for many years, Mozart was our oldest Sugar Dog.  He passed to the Rainbow Bridge at 18 years old and continued to alert his Mom Pat until his last breath.


We’ve had so many new puppies coming in that we can’t keep page up properly.  Please forgive us and feel free to post your own Sugar Dog’s photo on our FaceBook page Sugar-Dogs-International-Inc.

Newest Team Photos:

Hey Friends and Family, this next new team is comprised of 2 Type 2 diabetics and their newest fur baby service dog Scooter!  They are just getting started and are getting lots of exercise, which is just Perfect.  Meet this sweet rescued Mr. Handsome:


Vicky & Mark’s Sugar Dog Scooter is already “on patrol “for high blood sugar.


Please meet Tammy’s diabetic alert dogs, two (2) beautiful West Highland White Terriers:

Stella & PeeWee

Tammy’s beautifully groomed Sugar Dogs Stella and PeeWee.  Sweet baby Stella is already alerting to T2D!  PeeWee is a little older and it’s taking him a little longer but we at Sugar Dogs know that we can teach older dogs new tricks cause Malti-Poo “Mozart” alerted when he was 17!  Luv y’all, aunt p


While we don’t have a photo of Dennis and Country or LaDean and Country, he’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback and trained as a medical alert dog for Dennis’s hypertension and mobility, AND for LaDean’s type 2 diabetes.  He’s a great dog.  I’ve seen him personally at work, assisting Dennis with mobility challenges as well.  One dog offering three (3) differing medical assistant services is certainly THRICE BLESSED!  Check out these photos of the breed.

Rhodesian Ridgeback 1

Rhodesian Ridgeback #2


Look at these beautiful red Standard Poodle puppies currently available from or see more photos on FB at Ruby Red Standard Poodles.

Stormy is a Sugar Dogs Breeder of Merit.  She and Louie bred “Sugar Dog Kalua” who has been a working diabetic a;ert dog for several years now.  To select your new Sugar Dog, please contact Stormy directly via email:  One lucky child with autism and anxiety disorder was gifted a puppy in Aug. 2019 and he and his young man recently won a 4H blue ribbon and qualified for District in dog training by early 2020!  See Application forms tab above for further details on applying to join our elite group of Sugar Dogs teams.


What about Debie’s Stella Rose?  She moved from Palm Coast to the Tampa Bay area and fully supports her diabetic mom Debie.  Congratulations!  We are so proud of your good, hard work training a Sugar Dog.  Fun doggie photo – posted twice!

Stella Rose

Debie’s Sugar Dog “Stella Rose”


Breck’s Sugar Dog Willoughby – What a cutie.

Willoughby IMG_1824

Above is Willoughby after a spa visit.  As she is not a show dog but a working dog, her family opted for a kennel clip.  It’s the most adorable one we’ve ever seen displayed in such a small package.  Willoughby really would fit in a teacup if her family could keep her still long enough for a photo!  Sweet baby!  Love it!  Ladies and Gentlemen:  Sugar Dog Willoughby, about 11 weeks old.

Our newest team as of August 6, 2018 is Breck and his Sugar Dog Willoughby.  Breck is a Type 1 diabetic (T1D) on an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor.  He and Willoughby are training in and around MA.  With great vet care, proper grooming and obedience, Breck’s Sugar Dog Willoughby isn’t in training, she’s a puppy on a mission!  Our promise is that if the Poodle loves you, it will alert.  Who could resist this precious baby Sugar Dog?


Beautiful beauties at Myrtle Beach!  Gail and her Sugar Dog Izzy are doing so very well with their Sugar Dog team work.  Gail is a diabetic and Izy is her beautiful Sugar Dog!  Congratulations!  And please forgive us for not getting your photo up sooner.

Izzy Gail

Another great team on the rise is Richard and Kahlua.  Richard is a Type 1 diabetic (T1D) and has problems keeping his blood glucose (BG) under control.  Kahlua is just a puppy here and Richard is starting him out right with obedience training.  We expect great things out of this team.  Kahlua is a standard Poodle puppy, maybe 5 months old in this photo.  He’s been working for several years now as a Beautiful Sugar Dog!  Bred by Stormy & Louie Martucci.

Richard's Sugar Dog KAHLUA

Richard’s Sugar Dog KAHLUA


One of our greatest double teams are Anya and her Sugar Dogs: June Carter and Johnny Cash.  Anya has been a Type 1 diabetic (T1D) since she was 17 years old and she’s a world traveler.  The dogs are perfect examples of the Chinese Crested breed.  Go Sugar Dogs Go!

Johnny Cash & June Carter

Johnny Cash & June Carter

June Carter

Anya reports that her dog Johnny Cash alerted just days after beginning our program and yes, saved her life as she was driving.  Go Johnny!


Our newest team are Izy and Samson.  Izy has been a T1D since she was 11.  She’s an accomplished scientist, a T1D Advocate, an Autism Educator, a beautiful young lady with a beautiful Sugar Dog.  Congratulations!

Sugar Dog Samson

Sugar Dog Samson

Samson was a gift to Sugar Dogs International from one of our most preferred breeders, Darla Spencer in Brooksville, FL.  He trained for approximately two years with another T1D who we all continue to love and keep in our prayers with regard to her health challenges.  Please support Sugar Dogs International with your love, your Poodles, and your donations.  Please help us help others.

Another great team are Antoine and Snowie in France!  Bonjour and welcome!

Antoine's Sugar Dog Snowie

Antoine’s Sugar Dog Snowie

Snowie is a beautiful Llasa Apsa who was trained as a Sugar Dog by our sweetheart Joani.  USA Dogs Bless YOU assisted in shipping her to Paris, France where she was adopted by Antoine and his family.  We love Snowie notre Princesse en sucre.

Merci beaucoup to everyone who is assisting in our newest efforts in Paris, France.

Another new team are David and Moe Joe.  Moe Joe is a spontaneous alerter and David knew he needed a little more training before taking MoJoe with him to work.  He’s a beautiful dog and a sweet Sugar Dog.

David's Sugar Dog

David’s Sugar Dog “MOE JOE”

Nicky and Haidi’s Sugar Dog Ginnal completed advanced training as a diabetic alert dog and a medical alert dog recently at Innisbrook in FL.  Ginnal is a world traveler.  Check out this beautiful Hungarian Vizsla.  He now divides his time between Grand Cayman, the UK and Greece.

Nicky and Haidi's Sugar Dog

Nicky and Haidi’s Sugar Dog “GINNAL”

Nicky's Sugar Dog

Nicky’s Sugar Dog “Ginnal”

What a regal dog!  WOW!  This dog is handled and trained by Susan Wallace, a super star in the dog training world.

Ginnal Pointing

Ginnal Pointing

Jin at Kandyland Poodles shares Lisa’s new litter:  1 male and 5 females.  Aren’t they beautiful?  If you are interested in reserving a toy Poodle, contact Jin directly at:  Kandyland Poodles <>

These beautiful Poodles are all grown up now but there maybe others.

Lisa's new litter - 1 male & 5 females - 9-29-14

Lisa’s new litter – 1 male & 5 females – 9-29-14

Carole and her Sugar Dog Toby Keith joined in last May.  Isn’t he a little sweetie?  Toby Keith is already alerting for Carole’s Type 2 diabetes.

Carole & Toby Keith

Carole & Toby Keith

Toby Keith

Toby Keith

Toby Keith smiling & ready for his grooming

Toby Keith smiling & ready for his grooming

Irene and Cappy have added a new member to their Sugar Dog Team.  His name is Max and he’s beautiful too!

Max (black) and Cappy (mahogany)

Max (black) and Cappy (mahogany)

Irene's Sugar Dog Max

Irene’s Sugar Dog Max

Max - Poodle 002

Irene's Sugar Dog Max

Irene’s Sugar Dog Max

Max - Poodle 004

Once again families have been blessed with the generosity of a breeder, Clare of Chez Pooch in Ft. Myers, donated two (2) male black standard Poodles to Sugar Dogs International families in honor of her son, a diabetic.  Here’s a photo of Anne’s newest Sugar Dog Rachmaninoff (call name:  “Rocky”).  Anne has MS.

Pat's Sugar Dog Rachmaninoff (call name:

Pat’s Sugar Dog Rachmaninoff (call name: “Rocky”)

Dale’s Sugar Dog BUDDY recently joined us and we are awaiting a photo to post.

Lewis’s Sugar Dogs STORMY and BEAUREGARD recently joined us and we are awaiting photos to post.

Diane's Sugar Dog SPARKY

Diane’s Sugar Dog SPARKY

Diane's Sugar Dog SPARKY

Diane’s Sugar Dog SPARKY

Diane's Sugar Dog SPARKY

Diane’s Sugar Dog SPARKY

Diane’s Sugar Dog SPARKY is our newest Sugar Dog.  Diane rescued Sparky via Florida Poodle Rescue and we are so pleased with his progress thus far.  He’s working hard to please Diane and we know they will be a great Sugar Dog team.  And isn’t he beautiful?  Heavenly Day we certainly think so!

Betty's Heart Alert Dog MUFFIN with great-gradson Walker

Betty’s Heart Alert Dog MUFFIN with great-grandson Walker

Betty has been working with Muffin for several years now and recently her family gifted her with Sugar Dog team membership for her birthday!  What a great birthday surprise.  Best wishes!  Muffin can go everywhere now.  She alerts for Betty’s heart challenges.

Hope in 5' of snow!

Hope in 5′ of snow!

This is Mark’s SugarDog HOPE!  She’s grown into a beautiful Sugar Dog.  She alerts for blood glucose changes and assists her person with neuro-muscular challenges.  Compare to her photos from a year ago, when Hope was a tiny puppy.  (see below)

Mark's Sugar Dog HOPE at 21 days old

Mark’s Sugar Dog HOPE at 21 days old

One of our newest Sugar Dog team is a family team:  Jacqui and REMI, who was born on March 5, 2013.  Sugar Dog REMI was donated by Mary Lou LeValley of LeMar Kennels in N. Ft. Myers, FL in honor of her son who passed away with diabetic complications.  Thank you Mary Lou.  We are certain that REMI will be a wonderful therapy dog.  REMI was joined by THEO, another beautiful Poodle donated by Darla Spencer in Brooksville, FL in honor of her grandson, who has Type 1 diabetes.  Thank you Darla.  Thank you Jacqui Silla, best dog trainer in the Tampa Bay area:  the Canine Company.

Steven's Sugar Dog STORMY

Jacqui’s Sugar Dog REMI

Steven's Sugar Dog STORMY

Jacqui’s Sugar Dog REMI


Jacqui’s Sugar Dog REMI

One of our newest Sugar Dogs team is handled by Stella and she has two beautiful Poodles:  Cricket Lucille and Piper Charlotte.  Stella’s daughter found us online and encouraged her mom to try our program.  These two sweet Sugar Dogs are working to make life better 24/7.  Check out these beauties.

Cricket Lucille (on left) Pipe Charlotte (on right)

Cricket Lucille (on left) Pipe Charlotte (on right)

Cricket Lucille (top) & Piper Charlotte (bottom)

Cricket Lucille (top) & Piper Charlotte (bottom)

Beautiful Cricket Lucille

Beautiful Cricket Lucille

Piper Charlotte

Piper Charlotte

Beautiful Piper Charlotte

Beautiful Piper Charlotte

One of our newest Sugar Dog is named SAMSON.  Samson was donated to a T1D by an Angel of a Poodle Breeder:  Darla Spencer of Brooksville, FL.  Check out this handsome AKC black male standard Poodle puppy.  As all of you know, our program is love based and Darla donated this beautiful Poodle in loving memory of her mother,  who was a diabetic, to a beautiful lady who has been a diabetic since she was 5 years old.  Please support Sugar Dogs International with your love, your Poodles, and your donations.  Please help us help others.

Tina's Sugar Dog SAMSON

Tina’s Sugar Dog SAMSON

Tina says Samson has already alerted.  Our newest team is working on crate, house and leash training, and of course, Poodle Puppy Class is coming up this fall.

WOW!  What a photo!  A perfect example of Sugar Dog kisses.  Thank you to our beautiful Kaitlin and her Sugar Dog DAKOTA.  Kaitlin is a Type 1 diabetic.

Our Princess Royal Kaitlin and her Sugar Dog DAKOTA

Our Princess Royal Kaitlin and her Sugar Dog DAKOTA

Randall and his Sugar Dog STORMIN’ NORMAN are being celebrated with their trainer Jacqui Sila of The Canine Company at The Palm.  Check out Randall’s video.  He’s an inspiring young man challenged by cerebral palsy.

Randall's Sugar Dog STORMIN NORMAN, a medical alert dog

Randall’s Sugar Dog STORMIN NORMAN, a medical alert dog

Randall and his Sugar Dog STORMIN NORMAN joined us recently to learn about medical alert dog training.  They are receiving obedience training from The Canine Company and thus far, STORMIN NORMAN is doing very well.  He was rescued by Florida Poodle Rescue and is believed to be a Poodle and Jack Russell Terrier mix.  Congratulations Randall!

For Randall’s story, please see:

Ted E. Bear & Savannah

Ted E. Bear & Savannah

Ladies and Gentlemen:  Introducing another spontaneously alerting Sugar Dog.  This is the best picture of Bear and his sister Savannah, a powder puff Chinese Crested who was rescued from a puppy mill in North Carolina, where she lived in a basement for 5 years.  Savannah has also started alerting, says Pat S.  She definitely learned from Bear.  See Bear sporting his red service dog sweater further down this page.


Dave’s Sugar Dog MOE JOE, an American Staffordshire Terrier is Certified as a Therapy Dog by PAWS for Friendship.  MOE JOE spontaneously alerts for Dave’s Type 1 diabetes.

Mark's Sugar Dog HOPE at 21 days old

Mark’s Sugar Dog HOPE at 21 days old

Hope has some big shoes to fill and at 21 days old, she is just a little love.  Mark has arranged for her to stay with her mother for a few extra weeks.  Grown, we expect Hope to weigh in at 50 lbs. and retain her coloring as an apricot Poodle.  Congratulations!  She’s a beautiful baby.

Our newest team includes a Border Collie named DAKOTA!  We expect great things!

Ryleigh Jean & Vickie
Sugar Dog Ryleigh goes to work with Vickie every day!
This Sugar Dog is pulling double duty & its sweet, sweet, sweet.

Gavin’s Sugar Dog SY

Due to unusual circumstances, Sy went home to be with Gavin and his new family at about 4-5 weeks old.  He’s growing up to be a very special Sugar Dog.  Gavin is one of our youngest Type 1 diabetics.  Just check out Sy’s growth in these photos.  Good, hard work and lots of love train the best Sugar Dogs.

Gavin’s Sugar Dog SY

Sy in training

See Tao’s Chapter 5 to learn how another Type 1’s family spent their first year training her.

Ed and his Sugar Dog Mocha

This is a perfect photo of a Sugar Dog team.  Ed’s 2 lbs. 15 oz. “Mocha” is our tinest Sugar Dog.  It is consistent practice of the training method that helps the diabetic and the Poodle work together as a team to achieve better A1c results.  Mocha goes everywhere with Ed!

Tommy’s Sugar Dog BEN

Ben and Tommy have done agility in addition to beautiful photography!

Mark and his family

Mark and his family and new Sugar Dog Sammie. Many thanks to the loving family who donated Sammie to be trained as a Sugar Dog.

Pat’s Ted E. Bear (a rescued Poodle)

Pat S. adopted Ted E. “Bear” from Florida Poodle Rescue in the fall of 2011.

He’s a sweet boy and very handsome in his red sweater.  Pat S. volunteers with the, hosting shelter adoptions at PetSmart.

We’re proud of you Pat!

Mark’s Sugar Dogs APRYL and JUNE

John’s Sugar Dog Peek-A-Boo in training

Peek-A-Book has already earned her AKC Good Citizen Certification!  Good work John & Nancy!  Best wishes!

John and his Sugar Dog PEEK-A-BOO

Clare and her Sugar Dog Valencia

Valencia just completed her Delta Society Pet Partner certification!  Great work Clare!

Clare’s Sugar Dog VALENCIA

Clare’s Sugar Dog Valencia alerting

Valencia waiting patiently after alerting

Vivian’s Sugar Dog POPCORN at 9 weeks old

Vivian’s Sugar Dog POPCORN

Sweet Popcorn and Vivian are just getting started and we look for them to be a terrific Sugar Dog team.

Please read the Sugar Dog Stories for our clients’ own experiences with training Sugar Dogs.   See our Queen of Hearts Marissa’s Chapter 6 to learn of her great results.  For Type 2 diabetics, please refer to Mozart’s Chapter 3 (training an older rescued Malti-Poo) and spontaneously alerting Miniature Poodle Cappy’s Chapter 4.


As an independent non-profit, we can’t raise capital like a regular business does.  Our successful launch of Sugar Dogs International, Inc. was only possible with the financial backing of supporters like you.  

Your donation funds important projects that will benefit Sugar Dog teams for years to come.  When you support Sugar Dogs International, you’re investing in a staff of professionals who are deeply committed to our mission.  You’re investing in an entrepreneurially oriented non-profit with a proven track record of successful initiatives.  You’re investing in the future of Sugar Dog teams worldwide.  100% of the teams who follow our training method exactly have improved A1c lab results!!!  Great results.

Of course, you may note which Sugar Dog team benefits from your assistance.

Your donation, big or small, makes ALL the difference.  To support our work, please click on the DONATE button below.

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